Wednesday, June 20, 2018
Remembering Scott Hannon

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Scott Hannon was not a scholar, he was not a Saint, and he was not a perfect child.

Scott was not famous, and he was not remembered as larger than life by every person that met him.   His most significant contribution in the short 22 years that he lived was the lasting impacts that had on those that had an opportunity to truly know him.  His loyal friendship, compassion for others, and love of live are what best defined Scott.


He truly believed that he could make a difference by providing encouragement and friendship to those facing challenges in life. The size of his heart far exceeded his resources, but this never dampened his desire. 


Scott’s creation of the “Beach Buddies Tournament” addressed his desire to renew old friendships and family connections.  After his untimely death, it was this group that would evolve into the nucleus of the Scott Hannon Memorial Foundation.  Over time, it has developed into something far greater than anyone could have ever imagined.

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Scott Hannon Memorial Foundation